LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Training Assessment Health Check


Training Assessment Health Check

Wouldn't you rather spend a little bit of money before you spend a lot of money? While it seems like common sense to diagnose before prescribing, we continue to be surprised that billions are spent on corporate training each year without any assurance that the money is being spent on the right areas.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of poorly designed assessments being peddled in the marketplace that are too long, too theoretical, and invalid. A proper assessment however, can be used to efficiently and effectively initiate change, align stakeholders, pinpoint skill gaps, customize workshops, predispose training participants, guide coaching, set baseline metrics, target investments, and obtain buy-in.

In order to see if you should be using a skills assessment BEFORE investing in training, please complete our training assessment health check.

5-10 minutes could save you a lot of time, a lot of money, and possibly your reputation.

Learn more about 3 Best Practice Training Assessment Options...

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