LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Are Training Marketing Concerns Causing You to Miss the Boat?


Are Training Marketing Concerns Causing You to Miss the Boat?

When we talk to Human Resources and training, they tell us that learning initiatives fail due to a lack of marketing. But, business executives and employees tell us that this assumption is wrong.

Marketing for training is all about getting the right skills to the right people in the right way at the right time and at the right price. It is about creating awareness and making it easy to "buy" training that makes sense to the individual, their boss, and the organizational design.

We do not advocate against using proven marketing techniques to communicate professional development options. Quite the contrary. Standard marketing approaches, such as sponsorship by senior leaders, visibility on your intranet, easy registration and tracking, targeted marketing emails, clear value propositions, success stories, incentives, and promotions, are the tickets to play the game.

If you 're struggling with low attendance at your training programs and think that marketing is the cause, you are probably missing the boat. The boat that we are talking about carries executives as its passengers. The boat that we are talking about has business alignment and business results as its rudder and helm. We have yet to find a training program aligned with individual and business performance goals that does not have a waiting list - with or without marketing.

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