LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Are You Focused on the "Money Making" Skills


Are You Focused on the "Money Making" Skills

Can you believe that less than 50% of companies focus on the key skills required to grow their business - the skills that help drive revenue, increase productivity, and meet strategic targets? Regardless of the macro economic conditions, we find that figure, and the associated waste of billions of training dollars, appalling.

Despite the increased pressure on tangible business results, organizations continue to fall short in the areas of strategic skill identification, skill gap analysis, business alignment, and the Transfer of Training(TM). Companies continue to take ineffective short cuts and purchase or cancel training that never should have been considered in the first place.

Business results and skill alignment can and should be accomplished without costly or time consuming "Dilbert-like" consulting services and approaches. Yet, as has been proven over and over again, training on its own does not provide business results or improved performance.

If you would like to target your training investments wisely, then our proven Training Assessment Services are for you. We can help you align leadership and employees, pinpoint critical skill gaps, and create individual coaching plans that put your company on the positive side of the statistics.

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